XTech 2006 Conference
ABOUT XTech 2006

ABOUT XTech 2006

XTech 2005 is the premier European conference for developers and managers working with XML and Web technologies, bringing together the worlds of web development, open source, semantic web and open standards. This year's tracks include:

Formerly known as the XML Europe conference, XTech has widened its scope to incorporate neighboring technologies from the web and business. As the use of XML broadens out beyond traditional core topics, we want to reflect that in the conference. As well as XML, XTech 2006 will cover web development, weblogging, search, the semantic web and more.

We're looking forward to providing a much-needed forum for the energetic worlds of web development and open data in the same way we have with XML over the years. XTech 2006 attendees will have access to in-depth and expert coverage of their own areas of expertise, but will also benefit from the exchange of ideas and opportunities with those in related areas.

As we visit Amsterdam, XTech 2006 will bring together the most experienced and influential people and companies in the information industry, along with realistic and practical instruction and insight. Our conference has long been a fertile ground for the creation of new ideas and partnerships.

XTech 2006 will be an essential event for practitioners and decision-makers of all kinds, from business to technical, web services to semantic web, public to private sector. I hope that you will be able to join me in being part of this dynamic conference.

Edd Dumbill
XTech 2006 Conference Chair

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