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9:00am Keynote talk (TBC)

09:45am TBC

OpenLaszlo as an Ajax platform
Max Carlson
11:00am - Duration: 45m

This session discusses the upcoming plans for OpenLaszlo and how they relate to the Ajax community at large. It includes an overview of the language, a demo of the current Ajax support, and talks about the future of OpenLaszlo as a platform.

Hijax: Progressive Enhancement with Ajax
Jeremy Keith
11:45am - Duration: 45m

Ajax is hot topic. Behind the hype lies a technology that can greatly enhance websites. Those enhancements can and should degrade gracefully.
By applying the principle of progressive enhancement, you can ensure that no visitor is left behind.

12:30pm - LUNCH: 90m

Beefy Web App seeks Sexy AJAX stunner for interface fun and maybe more
Simon Wistow
14:00 - Duration: 45m

Coders make apps and Designers make things usable and pretty. Yet never the twain shall meet - which is a shame because there are good ideas out there begging for some collaboration. This talk examines why and what
can be done to rectify this.

Developing Enterprise Applications with Ajax and XUL
Sebastian Schürmann
14:45 - Duration: 45m

This talk describes the daily experience of developing an Ajax Framework and Applications for Sixt Car Rental in XUL and Javascript. It will give you an insight in the practical lessons we learned in the last 2 Years.


15:30 - BREAK: 30m

Combining E4X and AJAX
Kurt Cagle
16:00 - Duration: 45m

ECMAScript for XML provides a way to use XML as a native datatype, and is being adopted by most major players in the industry. Join Kurt Cagle as he explores how the use of AJAX and E4X together will simplify programming web applications.

AJAX with a Capital X!
Mark Schiefelbein
16:45 - Duration: 45m

AJAX developers are relying heavily on JavaScript to make web interfaces richer. But JavaScript has drawbacks. XML technologies such as XPath and XSLT are a great alternative and can be used efficiently for managing Ajax-style interactivity.


Submission Schedule
9 January / Presentation and Tutorial Proposals Due
3 April / Tutorial Handouts Due - submit to melledge@idealliance.org
14 April / Presentation Papers Due (marked up using the designated Conference Schema & Guidelines - link coming soon )
17 April / Accepted Late Breaking News & Product Presentation Speakers Notified
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