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Abstracts are appreciated in, but not limited to the following suggested topic areas:

  • Applications: frameworks, publishing, web services and integration, microformats, vocabularies, real world deployment
  • Browser Technology: browsers, AJAX, design and interaction implications, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, IE, XForms, SVG, CSS, XHTML, mobile applications.
  • Core Technologies: XML and RDF standards and processing, databases, search, nuts-and-bolts tech
  • Open Data: information design, business models and deployment issues for web services, Creative Commons, DRM, open government, syndication, blogging, semantic web

For more details on each track, please see the Track Descriptions.

Presentations can be introductory or advanced, geared to implementors, policy-makers or executives.

We will be publishing proceedings from XTech 2006. Every presenter selected for the conference must submit a paper: we will provide details of the format.

Presentations are 45 minutes long, typically comprising 35 minutes for the presentation and 10 minutes for questions. Attendance will range from 25-100 people in each room.

The deadline for proposals is 9 January 2006. In addition, a complete paper will be due on 20 March 2006.

Proposal Deadline Has Past

Marketing/promotional presentations will not be considered for conference presentations (exception being product presentations). The talks must be submitted online in the requested abstract format and must be original work of professional quality.

Registration Discount Available to All Participants

All selected speakers and tutorial instructors will receive one free registration/per presentation/tutorial for the conference (16-19 May), provided their paper and/or handout is received by the above deadline. In addition, all abstract submitters not chosen for the conference are entitled to receive a $100 discount on their conference registration.

Submission Schedule
9 January / Presentation and Tutorial Proposals Due
10 February / Accepted Speakers Notified
17 March / Late Breaking News & Product Proposals Due
20 March / Presentation Papers Due (marked up using the designated Conference Schema & Guidelines - link coming soon )
3 April / Tutorial Handouts Due - submit to melledge@idealliance.org
17 April / Accepted Late Breaking News & Product Presentation Speakers Notified
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